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10 years ago, Elvis began to participate in various types of team building and youth training, and in recent years, he has also carried out professional field and skills training. The trainees are broad, ranging from children to the elderly. In the past four years, the professional training has exceeded 300 hours and 1,200 people. In addition, his training program covers a variety of areas, and he has been actively participating in various types of TTT training to continuously optimize the training system and materials.


Member(for Asia and the Pacific) of World Skills Development Committee, JCI

Certificated Trainer approved by JCI

WOSM Recognized WoodBadge Leader

Red Cross First Aid Qualification

Honorary Cultural Heritage Ambassador

Low-structure Adventure Training Instructor

Level 1 Mountain Craft Training Certification by HK Mountaineering Union

Level 1 Orienteering Training Certification by Orienteering Association of HK

Professional Instructor accredited by the I am Speakers Association

and the Diocese Catholic Education Commission

WSET Wine Level 1 Certification

The Linguistic Society of Hong Kong – Grade A in the Cantonese Read-Aloud Test

IPOR – Portuguese B2 level

Japanese Language Proficiency Test – N3 Level

Macao Institute for Tourism Studies – Korean 3

Topics and projects that have been trained

  • MC fundamental skills training

  • Advanced MC skills training

  • Team Building 

  • Sales Skills Training

  • Event Planning

  • Guided tour skills

  • Hiking knowledge

  • atmosphere creation

  • ​Improvising Skills

  • Cantonese pronunciation

  • articulation and vocalization

  • Presentation skills

  • Train The Trainer Training (TTT)

  • Body Discovery

  • TV Hosting Skills

  • Facing the camera

  • Questioning and Interviewing Skills

  • Children's Drama

  • Teenage Drama Class

  • Japanese class 

  • Portuguese class 

  • Table Tennis Class

​Provided training for these departments and corporates:

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